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We are very proud of the work we do here at Firstline.  We have the privilege of working alongside our clients on projects across various industries.  Below you will see samples of our work compiled in the form of video reels.  These video reels are intended to demonstrate our depth and breadth of work while displaying a range of production values and our team’s capabilities.

Please contact us for more topic specific samples that will help prove we are the best Creative, Media and Digital team for you.

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Director of Photography Reel

Demonstrating the widest range of our video production capabilities.  We have completed a variety of projects from large PSA productions to more intimate patient testimonial videos, and everything in between.  

This reel shows an array of our 2D and 3D animated videos across all industries – consumer, healthcare and government work. 

Animation Reel

A large portion of our business is in the healthcare industry, this reel gives a closer look at some of these projects including corporate videos and patient testimonials. 

Healthcare Reel

SMT Reel

We have completed countless media tours across multiple industries with a variety of talent. This reel highlights some of our work, you may even see some well-known faces. 

This reel shares our work that are more direct to consumer, including creative videos and media tours.

Consumer Reel

PSA Reel

This is a compilation of the various PSAs we’ve been fortunate to work on alongside incredible organizations.  The production values vary from high-end to more conservative approaches. 

It is very typical to have a still photographer alongside our crew during video productions.  This reel is a snapshot of our work spanning different industries and types of talent. 

Still Photo Reel

There are some projects that require a more nimble crew and fast-paced approach.  This reel compiles some of these projects across multiple industries and ranging in production value. 

Director of Photography –
Run & Gun

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