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Firstline Creative and Media is a full-service broadcast media relations & production company with the resources and knowledge to meet all of our clients communication needs. 

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Virtual Team Meeting

With the advent of the 2020 pandemic, Firstline quickly adapted its Satless media technology to deliver media tours. Utilizing the already proven technology Firstline produced a multitude of virtual tours with one or two talent in different locations. Firstline has expanded these services to include local market desk sides, celebrity media days, virtual meetings, etc. Any media moment can still work with our virtual solutions. Ask us how.



Our team works with you on the research and development of your story, spokesperson preparation, defining objectives, message point development, target market identification, pitching, securing, booking and tracking/media monitoring. This immensely popular product is an efficient and cost-effective way to share your news “on the air.”  Virtual options available.


Radio Show


Even today radio is still a growing news distribution channel. Creating and distributing an Audio News Release is a very effective earned media tactic. ANRs are relatively simple to script, produce and their distribution is guaranteed. The can be targeted to specific DMAs and demographics.

Talk Show Set


There’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned, face-to-face television interview. The Firstline Media team excels at getting your spokesperson a little face time with local and national TV anchors. Our tenacious team will handle it all -- they organize and coordinate everything from timing and travel arrangements to make-up, props and key message points to ensure a quality news segment. These local market in-person pitching opportunities can now be delivered virtually.

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